Our uniqueness

Some conditions
require specialized
care with focus

Every human being is unique, just like our healthcare formats

It’s all about well-developed treatment methods

Intergrin’s care formulas are exceptionally carefully composed by specialists in various disciplines and supported by a firm scientific foundation. Precisely this meticulousness characterizes the unique and extremely effective character of our formats, to which a series of 10 basic conditions have preceded and which we continuously apply.

Onze uniciteit


In order to be able to optimally treat complex and often serious diseases, Intergrin bases itself on a fully integrated approach, without concessions.

Kwaliteit van de uitvoering

Quality of execution

We can only achieve growth if results and customer satisfaction are consistently high. That is why a great deal of attention is paid to execution quality, also known as operational excellence.

Interventies als formules

Interventions as formulas

Everything necessary to achieve the most effective results is documented during development of the care formats. Whether it concerns housing requirements, look & feel, personnel, training, development and much more: everything is worked out into all – sometimes small, but essential – details.

Meten is weten

Measuring is knowing

Innovation and continuous improvement are of paramount importance at Intergrin. Especially for treatments that aim at behavioral change, it is of utmost importance to always measure and record all results. This not only enables Intergrin to continuously optimize the formats, but stimulates the patients during their treatments at the same time.

Treatment design

Treatment design

All treatment methods developed by Intergrin for its healthcare formats are based on the latest scientific insights. As a result, we are able to realize very detailed and integrated treatments.

Functionele hospitality

Functional hospitality

Intergrin goes to great lengths to put a patient at the center of attention. It is a critical prerequisite for success. That is why a lot of attention is paid to guidance and housing.

Intensief, maar zonder opname

Intensive, but without hospitalization

Although it is not uncommon to admit patients to a clinic for these types of disorders, Intergrin chooses not to do so, because behavioral changes are best brought about in a home situation. Nevertheless, there is an intensive schedule of 26 weeks with 3 to 4 interventions per week of 1 to 2 hours, with e-health homework on top of that.



By using highly innovative and scientifically based E-health technology, the effectiveness of all treatments – and thus all results – has been tremendously improved. By including this as an integral part of the formats, we introduce a complete mix of treatments that not only make the formats very effective, but future-proof as well.

Focus op bestendigheid van de resultaten

Resilience of results

Intergrin is only satisfied with successful results after having finished treatments, if it has led to durable and long-lasting results. That is why treatment does not stop at that moment, but we continue to follow and guide the patient in follow-up programs for quite some time ahead.



All treatments are developed for specific patient groups with a specific, severe, complex pattern of psychosomatic disorders.

Our profile


Intergrin is the holder of second-line care formats that excel in effectiveness and lasting results. We can achieve this, because our adage is that any given chance for improvement is an improvement we have to realize, as we always have the care and relief of our clients top of mind. By being multidisciplinary and innovative, we can continue to improve ourselves in order to create even more value for our clients. Find out more

Every brand is as credible as the people that work there. But behavior depends on personality, something we do not directly – want to – influence, because we embrace diversity. But at Intergrin we do make a few agreements with each other, which we document in our code of conduct.

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