Focus and specialization

Personal approach,
durable results

PHI is a specialized healthcare institution with a focus on intensive treatment of multimorbid psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, depression and severe, not directly explainable, physical complaints. PHI uses a holistic method and takes an integral approach in its treatments, which focuses on restoring balance between body and mind.

“I had a life before PHI and I have a life after PHI. The first one was hopeless. The second is full of future. I am really happy to be able to enjoy things again.”

Iris van de B. (41)
PHI client

“I’m really glad I went to PHI, because of their approach I am not only rid of a lot of pain in my body, but I also don’t suffer from stress anymore.”

John Bouwman (33)
PHI client


PHI treatments are individually tailored, which improves the quality of life significantly. By means of a thorough diagnosis and the composition of a personal treatment team, we work (partly based on validated guidelines) towards a lasting result. Because Intergrin focuses on the broadening and deepening of knowledge and by paying a lot of attention to (additional) training, the formula is kept up to date. All (international) developments within the sector are taken into account.

Versatile yet focused

PHI’s personal treatment teams always include multiple disciplines, allowing patients to be treated integrally. The coordinating director leads the entire process, in which cognitive behavioral therapists and psychologists from multiple specialties each have their own role to play. In addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, coping, acceptance and commitment therapy, a connection is made with the patient’s environment and attention is given to lifestyle, nutrition, energy management, stress and relaxation. And where necessary, a physical therapist takes physical complaints for his or her account. This connection between body and mind makes the PHI approach unique.


Integrin xpl

License to operate

The development of Intergrin’s formats is a costly, lengthy and meticulously scientifically based process, resulting in extensively and in detail described processes and treatment methods. Intergrin XPL makes licenses available – and supports – for one-on-one implementation of each format worldwide. This is also the case for PHI. The license remains valid as long as the formula is unconditionally and identically taken over and executed.

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