Body and mind

Any chronic back pain is different

HRH is a format aimed at ending pain for people suffering from a severe complex chronic back, pelvic and/or neck pain disorder.
Like all of Intergrin’s formats, Het HRH is based on a scientifically founded interdisciplinary approach, to provide individualized customization for intensive treatments. And, of course, these treatments are reimbursed under basic insurance.

“After all previous treatments elsewhere, without much result, I didn’t dare to be optimistic at first. Thanks to HRH my life really looks better now”.

Peter Mensenman, (61)
HRH client

“I had no idea that the cause of my pain was mostly in my head. Fantastic how HRH handles this”.

Sophie Koers, (46)
HRH client


Chronic pain always has a somatic and a mental side. That is why it is important to draw up a thorough diagnosis, which includes both – based on psychosomatics – in the analysis. This leads to a tailor-made treatment plan by a team that consists of a psychotherapist as main practitioner, a CGT- and a PS psychologist, a physiotherapist or manual therapist and a client service employee. By paying attention to all aspects, HRH can draw up the best tailor-made treatment for each patient. Besides that, by means of interim evaluations the format provides keeping the finger on the pulse.

Broad and deep knowledge

For each format we paid a lot of attention to knowledge as foundation for all treatments. The same goes for HRH. In addition to relevant studies, HRH also ensures that professionals are continuously trained and that recent developments are closely monitored. All treatments are based on evidence-based scientific research, which is regularly evaluated. The cognitive behavioral therapy, part of the drawn-up program, is based on the work of American scientists. And the David Spine Concept being used consists of scientifically based measuring and training equipment, especially for back and neck complaints. In this way, HRH provides a systematic quality assessment of its services.


Ultimately, the treatments often lead to permanent behavioral changes, which are necessary for the durability of the achieved goals. At the end of the treatment schedule, extra attention is paid to internalizing all achieved behavioral changes, by drawing up a personal life plan with the patient, which offers patients guidance after treatments. And it is rounded off with a comprehensive report for the referring practitioner. In this way, HRH achieves high-quality and durable results.


License to operate

The development of Intergrin’s formats is a costly, lengthy and meticulously scientifically based process, resulting in extensively and in detail described processes and treatment methods. Intergrin XPL makes licenses available – and supports – for one-on-one implementation of each formatvworldwide. This is also the case for HRH. The license remains valid as long as the formula is unconditionally and identically taken over and executed. Read more

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