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Taking our formats further

Not only in terms of results for our patients, but also financially, they have been successfully operationalized in various focus clinics. And because our formulas are now also fully anchored in elaborate and very detailed descriptions and instructions, growth is logical, also outside the Netherlands.

We are growing internationally by implementing HRH and PHI formats by offering licenses. These licenses cover all aspects of the operation, but also the necessary infrastructure. In addition, supporting consultancy for licensees is available, which means that the licensee literally has everything in order and is able to carry out all treatments at the defined level.


The core of the license agreement is the treatment design. A comprehensive treatment design is available for both formulas. This design defines and describes all treatments, the sequence, the content, the discipline to be followed, the duration of sessions, the system for testing, goal setting, feedback, evaluations, and so on.

Everything necessary to carry out interdisciplinary treatments is documented and is also part of the agreement. In addition, all content is digitized, allowing execution of the treatment to be elegantly combined with online e-health sessions. The uniqueness of this treatment design lies in the mix (the Intergrin cocktail) which is defined by using methods from different disciplines and combining them into one integrated mind-body technique.


Our business consultants assist in setting up the formats, from finance to staffing and final results. In addition, we also provide scientific advice. Intergrin XPL’s Head of Science will support each licensee in setting up a research program. This advice and setting up scientific research will be an integral part of the license, as will the e-health HLS aftercare program, which consolidates the results achieved with patients.

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