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We achieve lasting results through far-reaching specialization and interventions based on the complex mutual influence of body and mind. And as we know there is always room for improvement, we make our treatment methods increasingly effective and efficient.

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An end to chronic pain

Based on latest insights and nourished by great commitment, HRH is able to free or largely reduce patients from chronic pain. We know it works.

Centers for

A combination of anxiety, depression, psychosomatic complaints or serious unexplained physical complaints have a huge impact on quality of life. PHI treats body and mind integrally and can therefore greatly improve quality of life.


Our unique features

Taking care for the best treatment methods

Intergrin’s healthcare formats have been developed with the greatest care and dedication for patients with specific complaints. By having a strong focus on those complaints only, we are able to get to an optimum of integral treatment methods and process descriptions, which are meticulously composed and very focused on tackling these complaints. By not opting for a broad, but just for explicit focus, the designed treatment methods are extraordinary effective. Read more about the unique characteristics of Intergrin here.

Onze uniciteit

“I had been suffering from pain for several months, but continued to work full-time as a nurse.”

Margriet van Rooijen
HRH client

Our roots

Specialism requires focus

In primary care, chronic or recurrent illnesses are often the odd men out, because it is mainly aimed at healing. That is why secondary care can help for people with certain disorders that cannot easily be cured. Some of these conditions are very complex, because the human body is a system where causes of chronic conditions can have consequences elsewhere in the body. We believe that these are very specific disorders, which require extensive knowledge of this complexity in order to be able to treat them optimally. That is why Intergrin’s formats are highly specialized, because only then we can provide the best possible care. Read more

Our profile

Intergrin is the holder of second-line care formats that excel in effectiveness and lasting results. We can achieve this, because our adage is that any given chance for improvement is an improvement we have to realize, as we always have the care and relief of our clients top of mind. By being multidisciplinary and innovative, we can continue to improve ourselves in order to create even more value for our clients. Find out more

Our core values

Intergrin guarantees the quality of its services by means of a solid foundation of core values and unique characteristics. Our core values are based on focus, state-of-the-art treatment methods, precisely defined formulas, an interdisciplinary approach, personal attention, intensive guidance, consistent execution, measuring is knowing, a focus on long-term results and technical innovations. Read more about our core values


Intergrin xpl

Growth abroad

Intergrin’s formats have amply proven their existence and effectiveness. That is why we can aim on further growth. In the Netherlands, but also abroad. Intergrin XPL is the license holder of our formats and enables organizations worldwide to implement these formats in their own country.

If you are interested in acquiring a license to operate one of our formats in your country, please contact Intergrin XPL. Read more about Intergrin XPL Read more

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