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About us

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Working for Intergin and its care formats requires a people-oriented approach. That’s what our colleagues are selected for, because we’re convinced that good care is not just by heart, but also from the heart. That drive, really wanting to help people, is what characterizes us. It gives us the energy to keep raising the bar a little higher each time, to do even better, year after year. And because we do it together, with the same mentality, it has actually become part of our culture. We’ve also completely internalized it as an organization. And our values and code of conduct reflect this excellently.

Core values

In addition to agreements we make with each other, we also believe that a healthy basis, both as an organization and as individuals, unify us. This basis is formed by these core values:


Excellent results for well-defined but complex patient groups can only be achieved through a highly targeted, specialized approach.


Intergrin’s interventions are based on psychosomatic science. They integrate the latest insights into the complex interaction between body and mind.


We are result-driven and incorporate that in everything we do, from planning to execution and in aftercare.

Client intimacy

The better we know our clients, the better we can treat them. That is why we make every effort to get to know each other.


Only if everyone is equally committed to the task, to the patients and to the results to be achieved, it is possible to achieve the best results as a team.


By measuring and making results immediately processable and transferable, we can continuously improve ourselves, make treatments more effective and will science and Intergrin strengthen one another.


We identify new trends and developments and apply them immediately when they are demonstrably in the interest of patients.

Quality of execution

If things can be done better, they must be done better. We use this adage to do the utmost for our patients.

Our profile

Involved formula manager in highly specialized second-line care

Intergrin is a holding company for highly specialized second-line care formats, who wants to realize the best treatments for groups of patients with complex but common disorders. To achieve this, scientific foundation and continuous innovation are at the cradle of our formats.

The disorders we treat with the healthcare formats are complex, because of their combination of both physical and mental problems, which we tackle integrally through scientific psychosomatics, with attention to both body and mind.

By collaborating with universities, we can – based on our measurement and registration systems – get to at empirical substantiation and improvements of our treatment methods. In this way science not only helps us, but we also help science.

For Intergrin, effectiveness of the formats and lasting results for our clients are central. We can realize this by using the starting point, that where there is room for improvement, there also must be improvement, because we always put care for and unburdening of our clients at the center of our thoughts and actions. By being multidisciplinary and innovative, we can continue to improve ourselves in order to create more and more value for our clients.

Code of conduct

Achieving quality is one, but maintaining quality is two. And because it’s all about people, our care formulas are not only worked out and recorded down to the last detail, but we also make some agreements with each other.

Because we think it’s important that everyone can be themselves, but that we join frameworks that safeguard our objectives. What we agree internally:

Keep informing and developing yourself

Excellent results for well defined but complex patient groups can only be achieved through a highly targeted, specialized approach.


By assisting and supporting each other, we can not only share knowledge, but also solve any issue immediately. It creates an open culture, in which it also becomes easier to

Stimulate each other

Because teams that help, challenge and stimulate each other function demonstrably better and thus also create an atmosphere in which it is logical that you sometimes have to

Take initiative

By taking the initiative, by being a pioneer, new ideas and innovations are created. Intergrin wants to keep improving and innovating itself, based on these initiatives, where we mutually give

Constructive critical

Feedback and response. Only then professionals can perform even better and Intergrin can improve its services, something we do every day. In this way we also create a safe culture, in which everyone is able to react and

Take responsibility

It is important to be able to talk to each other about what we do or don’t do. Not to set each other off, but to give value to agreements we make. Only then we can also take responsibility for our clients and achieve the best results. And that is what we do every day.

“It’s so great to work for an organization that fully shares real attention and effectiveness of your work with you.”

Bas van der Kerkhoff (49)

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